TLC Medical Supplies Frequently asked Questions

Here at TLC Medical Supplies we carry a broad range of products and believe that the suggestions from manufacturers themselves are most relevant to answer any questions you may have while browsing and purchasing our products. Feel free to scroll below to discover the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you are not able to find the answer to your question, feel free to call us at 727-444-0909 or email us at for further assistance.

If I go to your local store, when can I expect to receive my garment?

A: Unless you desire a customized garment, it is typical that you will leave the store with your garment the day that you come in for a fitting or to purchase. TLC Medical Supplies carries the most common colors and sizes from all the brands we advertise at our local store. If you have a custom request, the length of time will vary depending on your custom request.

Do you sell styles just for men?

Yes. All of the brands have styles specific to men and also have products that are unisex in use and function.

Do you carry extra large and plus sizes?

A: Yes we do have styles that are catered for plus sizes and for more customized needs in sizing. Please see FAQ on custom orders for further details.

Do you carry extra large and plus sizes?

A: Today all manufacturers cater to in between sizes, plus sizes and unique sizes at cost effective price points. Although we do have the capability of ordering customized garments for you, chances are that one of the many brands that we carry will provide you with garment options that will suit your size and will be more cost effective. Should you still need a more customized sized garment, we will provide you with an additional detailed fitting specific for your customized order. Most customized orders are hand made and take additional time in production. For detailed information, please contact us directly.

Can a TLC Medical Supplies Representative visit me at home?

If you are immobile and unable to travel to our local store, one of our TLC representatives is able to visit you for a consultation, fitting and product delivery; however, there is a convenience charge. If you are more than 5-7 miles from our Clearwater store you will be charged $10. If you reside 7 to 15 miles from our Clearwater store you will be charged $15. If you live 15+ miles you will be charged a $20+ convenience fee. We highly encourage you to visit our local store for it will be a more efficient visit which will enable you to view the wide selection of products that we carry instead of the limited supply that a representative can bring to your home. Furthermore please understand that the convenience charges described above are intended solely to recover the transportation costs of our representatives and in place to ensure that our representatives visit patients which truly need our convenient services.

Do you only carry disposable products?

A: The incontinence products that we carry include disposable and reusable products. Please see product details within our Incontinence section under products. We currently offer high quality reusable active briefs, which come in multiple colors, are discreet, and can be worn with or without a disposable diaper. We also carry reusable incontinence pads for the protection of bedding and furniture.

What kind of socks or stockings do I need if I am a diabetic?

A: Graduated compression stockings specifically designed for diabetic needs. These can be found under the "Diabetic" section of products.

Can I get compression stockings without a prescription?

A: Compression socks and stockings are available in both preventative and medical grades of compression. Only preventative levels of compression socks will be provided without a prescription. Due to the fact that we are not medical professionals that can advise you on your medical needs, it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor should you need to have a specific level of compression to address your therapeutic needs. Wearing the incorrect levels of compression, both too high or too low, can affect the results of intended therapy.

What are preventative levels of compression?

A: Preventative levels of compression in socks and stockings are compression levels ranging from 8-20 mmHg. Preventative levels of graduated compression may be worn by individuals for non-medical reasons; e.g. extreme active daily work activities, air travel, long periods of sitting, or long periods of standing. Diabetic individuals should consult with their doctor prior to considering the use of any graduated or compression apparel or accessory.

What are medical grades of compression?

A: Medical grades of compression start at 21 mmHg. Medical grade levels should only be obtained with a recommendation from your doctor. We strongly suggest no one with a medical history use a medical accessory with compression levels higher than 21 mmHg without a doctor's recommendation.

Why would I want or need to consider compression socks or stockings?

A: Compression socks or stockings are commonly used by individuals who work at jobs which require long periods of standing or sitting and can cause increase in leg strain. Frequent or long distance air travel is another common reason to for use of compression socks or stockings.

Are compression stockings paid for by medical insurance?

A: Medicare does not cover the cost of compression garments. Garments are mostly an out of pocket expense. For this reason and to assist patients to promptly address their therapeutic needs, we supply accessories at the most cost effective prices to provide savings regardless of medical insurance coverage.

How do I determine my size for knee high or compression stockings?

A: Sizing is determined by the manufacture you choose to purchase your stockings from. Some determine size by ankle and calf circumferences, while others use shoe size. For this reason, we request you look up the manufactures size chart and/or contact us for a fitting appointment.

Can I measure myself?

A: You can measure yourself for socks and stockings but it is best to have assistance with measuring. If you are unable to obtain proper measurements, contact us for an in-home or store fitting appointment.

What is a fitting appointment?

A: An appointment to obtain proper measurements of the area(s) of the body being addressed for your garment of choice. These appointments can be in the comfort of your home (for a convenience fee) or at our local store (for free), and include a free consultation on product use and function.

How are post-surgery compression garments sized?

A: Post-surgery compression garment are commonly necessary after most cosmetic surgeries and some general surgeries. To better determine a patient's post-surgery garment size, it is helpful to know the type of surgery being done. For example, cosmetic surgery, such as liposuction, can entail reduction in the area(s) being addressed by surgery; and, therefore the post-surgery size of a patient needs to be pre-determined. Pre-surgery measurements can be taken during a fitting appointment or obtained from your doctor.

What is a post-surgery compression garment?

A: A compression garment is commonly used after cosmetic or general surgery to assist in a patient's recovery period. An initial garment can be placed immediately after surgery to be worn until the initial follow-up visit with the doctor. Recommendation as to the length of time to wear this garment is determined by your doctor and recovery period for your surgery.

Why do some post-surgery garments come with zippers?

A: Post-surgery garments with zippers are primarily, Stage I or, initial post-surgery garments used immediately after surgery. Padded zippers allow for ease of putting on and taking off the garment. Garments without zippers are Stage II and are generally recommended to use for continued recovery and maintenance of cosmetic surgery results.

What are the different lengths of socks and/or stockings?

A: Compression stockings come in a variety of lengths for both knee high and thigh high stockings. Depending on your particular measurements, you may require a shorter or longer length knee high or thigh high. It is necessary that you specify length when placing an order.