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Diabetic Socks

medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida
Diabetic Compression Socks are for diabetic men and women with mild to medium edema. Designed to satisfy the demand of professionals and patients for an effective diabetic sock. These diabetic compression socks makes proper foot care an easy, comfortable part of any daily diabetes routine. At the moment TLC Medical Supplies carries the following brands are Alba Health, Sigvaris, Juzo and Jobst. These brands feature:

  • Non-irritating, smooth toe seam
  • Latex free fabric
  • Extra padding in the foot, heel and toe
  • Moisture-wicking acrylic multi-fiber yarns that keep feet cool and dry
  • Antibacterial, antifungal finish
  • Non-constricting mild compression
  • Provide true 15-25 mmHg graduated compression with helps improve blood circulation by gently compressing and supporting leg veins and valves.
  • Some styles include silver fiber
Colors available vary by brand and include: black, navy, brown and white. Styles include: knee high, crew, and mini-crew lengths. For sizing specific to brand, see the manufacture specific size chart. For any questions on sizing or any product options, please contact a TLC Medical Supplies representative who can help you identify your size and place an order.

Size Charts for Diabetic Socks:


Women (USA sizes): XSmall (4 ½- 6 ½), Small (7-9), Medium (9 ½ - 11), Large (11½ – 13).

Men (USA sizes): XSmall ( 3 ½ - 5 ½), Small (6-8), Medium (8 ½ - 10), Large (10 ½ - 12), XLarge (12 ½ - 14)


SS, SL, MS, ML, LS, LL, XS, XL. Fit is determined by measuring your ankle, calf and lower leg length to determine your size.


Juzo Silver Sole socks are unisex and are available in white, black and pink in the following styles: Anklet, Low Cut, Crew Length, Knee High. Please use the following sizing chart when ordering these socks:


28 - 38 CM
11" - 15"
31 -42 CM
12" - 16 1/2"
34 - 46 CM
13 1/4" - 18"
37 - 50 CM
14 1/2" - 19 3/4"


18 - 21.5 CM
7" - 8 1/2"
21.5 - 25CM
8 1/2" - 9 3/4"
25 - 28 CM
9 3/4" - 11"
28 - 31.5 CM
11" - 12 1/2"



medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida

Rejuva Health:

medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida Make sweat & swelling a thing of the past with versatile compression stockings from RejuvaHealth. Each pair is enhanced with high performance COOLMAX to keep feet cool and dry, and knit with graduated compression to energize and support. Everyone else may think you are wearing stylish dress socks, but only you will know you are also renewing your legs with compression.

Don't lose sleep over lymphedema. Tribute custom nighttime lymphedema garments eliminate nightly wrapping altogether. Just slide on Tribute and go to bed.

Reduce stress and save time with Caresia. These bandage liners eliminate the underlayers of standard compression bandaging like stockinette and padding. Simply slide the Caresia on and wrap over the top.

medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida ReadyWrap is the perfect alternative to elastic compression. These easy-to-don, low-stretch garments help manage swelling throughout the day and are fully adjustable to help accommodate girth fluctuations.

Exo is our line of off-the-shelf compression garments for swelling and lymphedema. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate unique needs.

Swell Spots offer unique solutions for problematic areas of swelling. These little helpers offer big relief by padding bony areas, filling concavities, or treating localized swelling.