Mastectomy Products


TLC Medical Supplies carries a wide variety of bras specifically tailored to aid the recovery from surgical breast procedures.

medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida

Bras features:

Lightweight wire-free cups
  • Front hook and eye front closure styles, suitable for those with limited range of motion and easy access of dressing and undressing.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps to help eliminate shoulder irritation.
  • Fabric is moisture wicking for cool comfort.
  • Fabric has antimicrobial protection for great odor control.
  • Sizes and colors vary by bra styles however we offer a wide range of bra styles accommodating 32E-44E
  • Colors: black, white and beige.
Please see our sizing guide for sizing measurements. If you do not know your exact size please feel free to email or call TLC Medical Supplies so that one of our representatives can schedule a home visit appointment or an in-person consultation on site at our local store.



medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida


medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida

TLC Medical Supplies offers the largest local selection of compression and support sleeves from the leading manufacturers in the USA. These sleeves are often doctor and/or therapist recommended to be used to prevent or monitor mild to moderate upper extremity lymphedema.

Sleeves features include:

  • Various lengths, from short, to mid-arm to full coverage
  • Compression levels from mild to strong compression
  • Many styles, with a choice of plain to patterned sleeve options.
  • Comfortable and soft seamless knit construction with all around stretch
  • Moisture wicking and antimicrobial technology fabric
  • Some styles offer hook and eye closure in the back styles
  • Color selection includes solid colors to include beige and black, seasonal colors, and various patterns.
Please see the sizing guide for sizing measurements. You can also get measured by one of our certified TLC Medical Supplies representatives by visiting us at our local store.

Marena Sizing Chart
Jobst Arm Sleeves Sizing Chart


medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida Custom Armsleeve. The Measure-Up™ features inelastic bands that tighten around a soft, comfortable foam liner. Through the use of "D-rings" and measuring guides, tightening and adjusting to gradient compression levels are easy to achieve. The foam liner ensures smooth comfortable compression to treat Lymphedema over the entire arm, including a hand cover.


medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida Solaris products provides top of the line garments for lymphedema, venous insufficiency and wound care.

Don't lose sleep over lymphedema. Tribute custom nighttime lymphedema garments eliminate nightly wrapping altogether. Just slide on Tribute and go to bed.

Reduce stress and save time with Caresia. These bandage liners eliminate the underlayers of standard compression bandaging like stockinette and padding. Simply slide the Caresia on and wrap over the top.

medical supplies in Pinellas County, Florida ReadyWrap is the perfect alternative to elastic compression. These easy-to-don, low-stretch garments help manage swelling throughout the day and are fully adjustable to help accommodate girth fluctuations.

Exo is our line of off-the-shelf compression garments for swelling and lymphedema. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate unique needs.

Swell Spots offer unique solutions for problematic areas of swelling. These little helpers offer big relief by padding bony areas, filling concavities, or treating localized swelling.